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Welcome to Webtalk, the world's first All-In-One Networking and Commerce Application!

Webtalk is currently in an invite-only beta, and this is great news for you! As part of our official launch strategy, we are offering huge financial incentives for our Early Adopters, as well as promotional offers on all products and services! 

Make sure to sign up, enroll in the affiliate program, and start earning cash rewards for all your social activity, simply for making the switch to WEBTALK! 


1. Visit Webtalk.co and click 'Sign Up'

2. Fill out your Name, Email, and Password to continue 

3. For quicker onboarding, you can sign up with Facebook or LinkedIn 




3. When asked "Who Invited You?", type the Name or Webtalk ID (referral code) of the person that invited you to the platform. 


** Using the correct Webtalk ID is important! You want to make sure that invited you gets credit for bringing you to the platform. Also, make sure when you start inviting your friends, that they know to use your Webtalk ID, or simply to click your links so you get credit too! 







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