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SocialCRM allows you to seamlessly separate your contacts --by relationship type-- and with specialty labels and tags to create channels and sub-channels.



  • Simple and quick segregation of friends, family, and professional relationships
  • Data filtering for pushing/pulling information (next generation Newsfeed)
  • Built-in groups and news feed channels for collaboration
  • Inherent privacy controls for your network
  • Searchable keywords (tags for sub-groups)
  • Searchable timestamped notes
  • Built-in digital rolodex tree for contacts, files, photos, and videos [new era of content storage/sharing]
  • Easily filter and mine through your contacts by relationship type, network type, and other custom labels and tags
  • Add values to see more from the people who matter
  • Easily find content such as files, photos, and videos shared with specific channels for collaboration and exchange
  • Have easy visibility over the content you are sharing within every segment of your personal networks (personal, professional, subject-specific channels)
  • Experience a team collaboration space with credibility, secure content exchange, and adequate
    privacy options


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