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After accepting a connection request you will be prompted with this window to store a new contact.


Determine if your new connection belongs in your Professional network or your Personal network. You can allow any contact to have access to either network or both by toggling the on/off buttons. 


Webtalk's proprietary SocialCRM allows you to further categorize your professional relationships, to facilitate how you interact with them, and give you better control over your privacy.



SocialCRM allows you to categorize all your Professional connections by relationship category, and company. This allows you to have differentiation between all the different individuals that you transact with regularly. This feature not only gives you inherent privacy, it also helps you communicate directly with your target audience, making your efforts online more effective and efficient. 


Add Searchable Tags to any contact and create sub-channels or groups in order to manage random social cross-overs; such as teams, departments, or clubs for example. 




Add Timestamped Notes to any contact and keep important documentation or notes, and easily be able to refer when needed. This will be very valuable as you meet, network and prospect with people around the world. 




Determine the Relationship Value for any contact. If you wish to prioritize the contact in your Newsfeed, you can increase their news value. You can also determine the contact's recommendation value if they are an old boss, you might want to boost their recommendation value! 


Store basic Contact Information including email, phone, address, websites, and social profiles.


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