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At the connection request choose the type of [network] data you want to share with your new connection

  • Choose to grant access to your Professional Network Data (news, files, photos, videos, & profile information) and/or your Personal Network Data (news, files, photos, videos, & profile information)
  • Select either or both depending on the relationship type and value in real life
  • Personal contacts can be selected (labeled) as Friend, Family or Acquaintance
  • These labels serve as channels for targeted/granular communication
  • SocialCRM allows you to then organize and manage your professional connections by category,
    value proposition, and level of relevance with a series of unique and proprietary features powered by Webtalk.
  • Grant professional contacts access to your Professional Network Data (news, files, photos, videos, profile information)
  • Label each professional contact based on relationship type and relationship value
  • Select if the new connection is a client, vendor, entrepreneur, investor, colleague, classmate, or
    acquaintance relationship, via the drop down menu
  • Select if the connection is a Prospect relationship
  • Add tags for search, filtering, and channels
  • Add Notes, News Value, and Recommendation Values


Notes, News Values and Recommendation values:

  • Notes allows you to document important information on the new connection
  • News Values helps optimize your news feed by promoting/demoting your connection’s posts based on the "news value" you give them
  • Recommendation Values helps you optimize the recommendation section in your profile page by
    promoting/demoting recommendations from your connections


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