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  • Webtalk's proprietary SocialCRM tools help you upload/store/organize Files with intuitive labels, tags and filtering features (channels) to facilitate sharing/searching/viewing Files.
  • SocialCRM allows you to create channels and sub-channels --by relationship type, and by using specialty labels and tags to seamlessly organize/segregate/view/distribute your files to the right audience.
  • Select which networks can view your Files at the connection process --by granting/denying-- each contact access to your Personal Network Data and/or your Professional Network Data.
  • SocialCRM helps your further manage photo sharing by using channels (categories, labels, and tags) that can be easily edited and customized.


  • The categories and labels selected for each contact determines the channels that contact will have access to.
  • The files/photos/videos/profile information that you share will ONLY post to the channel(s) that you select.
  • SocialCRM channels control how much access each contact will have to the Files you share (channels are created by you!)
  • Webtalk channels protect your privacy, while streamlining audience reach, and content [file] delivery.

To learn more about our professional contact/content/relationship management tools, see SocialCRM Features

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