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Contact Management:

  • PRO SocialCRM features offer deal-makers and entrepreneurs more organization of contacts to easily manage current and prospective relationships, such as customers, vendors, partners, team members, and recruits.
  • Your contacts will be placed in an easy-to-use file tree for quick searchability and assigned a dedicated newsfeed (SocialCRM) channel to send and receive updates with your specific groups. Simply add custom tags for departments, industries, services and more, to provide an instant searchable sub groups for all contacts. Learn more about SocialCRM



  • Private messages are a great way to reach new people whether you are marketing, hiring, investment raising or simply looking to make new friends. PRO messaging enables you to contact people you aren't connected to on Webtalk. Learn more about Messaging.


Spotlight Posts:

  • Available only with PRO, and PRO PLATINUM!
  • Spotlight Posts feature sticks posts to the top of the desired audience's newsfeed to ensure the messages are delivered and viewed (Spotlight Posts have monthly limits based on subscription package).
  • SocialCRM newsfeed-channels target and distribute messages (data) to desired audiences, and Webtalk's Spotlight Feature highlights the post on your audience's newsfeed. Learn more about Spotlight Posts.


Remove Banner Ads:

  • Webtalk's PRO packages will remove all banner ads, giving you a clean and organized user experience. (does not include sponsored posts)


Who Viewed Your Profile

  • Is a feature that allows you to see who is viewing your page. If your profile was viewed in stealth mode, it will tell you the location of the viewer.


Stealth Profile Viewing

  • Stealth viewing allows you to look through Webtalk, be it prospects or contacts, without notifying them that you are looking at their page. However, if you do want to notify the other user that you have viewed their page, you can turn it off and Webtalk will notify them.
  • When visiting another users page, on the right column of the screen, you will find a yellow button that says: "Stealth Mode On". The right side of the button allows you to un-hide your visit to the user's page.


Advanced Search

  • Webtalk PRO gives you advanced search options including search by age, gender, and location. Recruiters or employers can use the Seeking Work, to recruit or find talent, learn more.
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