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Protect your privacy thru Webtalk's SocialCRM. It is a digital rolodex that allows you to manage contacts,  relationships and control who sees your information and the things you share.

  • Select the network data access each new contact can have --by granting/denying access to your
    Personal Network Data and/or your Professional Network Data at the connection process.
  • Webtalk's SocialCRM helps you intuitively create channels and sub-channels --by relationship type and with specialty labels and tags to seamlessly organize/view/segregate your contacts
  • The categories and labels set for each contact in your SocialCRM, determines the channel(s) that
    contact will be in.


  • Communicate through intuitive channels for targeted and granular communication.
  • The files/photos/videos/profile information that you share will ONLY post to the channel(s) you select --- creating inherent layers of privacy controls.


  • SocialCRM channels regulate visibility (for your connections) to protect your privacy while streamlining audience reach by both level of relevance, and level of importance.

To learn more about our professional contact management tools, see SocialCRM Features.

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