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2. When the right Side Menu appears, click on your Name or Avatar to see and manage the information on your Universal Profile mceclip0.png
3. Click Edit Profile to manage the Content, and Privacy of your Universal Profile mceclip2.pngNOTE: Webtalk gives users controls (SocialCRM) to create layers of privacy and manage who can see the data/information on their Universal Profile.
This means all your contacts, in one place, with privacy controls to limit content visibility. Conversely, you can also use it as a powerful tool to exhibit and showcase specific elements of your profile. 


4. Scroll down the the Education Section to manage the information you would like to display, and who can see it.




5. Click the Add Button to add Education



5. Add/edit Degree, Field of Study, Name of School, Location and Time Period


7. Manage your Privacy by clicking on the Earth Icon, and selecting the Networks that can have access to your information.  

mceclip2.png         mceclip3.png

NOTE: Webtalk allows you to manage the privacy for both the Section and the Line Item


8. Easily Edit, Delete, or Manage the Privacy settings for the Education that you wish to showcase.


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