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Webtalk sends your notification emails whenever there is activity on your Webtalk account. Easily manage when/if you want to receive notification emails from Webtalk!


To manage email notifications:

1. Click the Hamburger Icon mceclip2.png menu on the right corner of the page

2. Find and click on Privacy & Account Settings from the side menu options 

3. Under Email Notifications, you may toggle to receive email when:

  bullet.svg   Someone Accepts My Connection Request
  bullet.svg   New Connection Request
  bullet.svg   Someone I Invited Joined My Network
  bullet.svg   Someone Likes My Post
  bullet.svg   Someone Likes My Comment
  bullet.svg   Someone Comments On My Post/Comment
  bullet.svg   Someone Shares My Post
  bullet.svg   Someone Sends Me A Private Message
  bullet.svg   Someone Tags Me
  bullet.svg   Someone Recommends Me


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