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Verify your eligibility and standing for the lifetime bonus offer at anytime with the qualification checklist and meter:

1. Click the drop down arrow dropdown_arrow.svg to the right of your avatar on the navigation pane

2. Find and click on Referral Dashboard


3. Scroll and find Qualifications Checklist


  • The check marks with green circles mean you have completed the requirement
  • The X's with red circles mean the requirement has not been completed

Additional Terms & Conditions:  

  • Upon one million (1,000,000) 'affiliates' being awarded the 5-level commission plan for life, the levels 2-5 commission plan bonus will be discontinued for all new affiliates, and for all existing affiliates who have not referred a PRO customer OR upgraded to PRO by the date the bonus is discontinued.
  • If an affiliate has referred a PRO monthly customer who hasn't billed for 10-consecutive months, or has not reached $200 in sales, when the bonus offering is discontinued, the affiliate will still be eligible for the lifetime 5-level commission plan bonus award if and when their PRO customer referral(s) reach 10-consecutive months of billing, or the affiliate reaches $200 in total gross sales with maintaining a monthly billing customer referral.
  • As long as an affiliate retains at least one (1) PRO monthly customer billing for 10-consecutive months OR remains upgraded for 10-consecutive months OR generated at least $200 in total gross sales (includes value of personal upgrade), within the bonus promotion period; the affiliate will maintain their 2-5 referral level commission plan for life.
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