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Webtalk's Talk Box allows you to post directly to the channels (labels or categories) found in the SocialCRM. 

Make a post and/or Filter news/content by  Network Type and SocialCRM Category:

  • Public Posts are shared with all your Followers and All your connections.
  • All Connections Posts are shared only with your connections (everyone that you accept/accepts you)
  • Professional Connections Posts are shared with the people you gave access to your Professional Network Data.
  • Personal Connections Posts are shared with the people you gave access to your Personal Network Data.
  • Custom Posts allows you to go to more specific channels such as clients or colleagues.
  • Only Me Posts are not shared. Enjoy file storage by uploading files to the Only Me talk channel.


Disable Comments:

  • Click Disable Comments option to deactivate comments from all users OR non-connections only


Social Syndication:

  • Easily syndicate and share your post to Slack, Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn with Webtalk's social syndication buttons. [Additional syndication services coming soon!]


 Spotlight Posts:

  • Spotlight Posts allow you to stick posts to the top of the desired audience's newsfeed to ensure the messages are delivered and viewed (Spotlight Posts have monthly limits based on subscription package).
  • SocialCRM newsfeed-channels target and distribute messages (data) to desired audiences, and Webtalk's Spotlight Feature highlights the post on your audience's newsfeed.


Simply write your message (attach file, photo, video), and select as 'On' Pro Spotlight Post. Click Talk!


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