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To invite people you don't know to Webtalk, you will want to share any of the following links:

  • Webtalk Referral Link for a direct invitation (someone who wants to join)
  • Webtalk Newsroom Link for prospects that need to learn more about Webtalk (need more information)
  • SocialCPX Link for prospects that would like to learn more about SocialCPX (need affiliate program information)

To find referral links:

 1. Click the drop down arrow dropdown_arrow.svg to the right of your avatar on the navigation panel

 2. Find and click on Referral Dashboard


3. Find your Webtalk Referral Link, Webtalk Newsroom Link, or SocialCPX Link and click the Copy Icon   copy_2x.png  to the right of the links.

4. Paste and share links to messages, texts, emails, websites/blogs and all social media and to refer new users to Webtalk and get credit!


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