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Webtalk is rewarding members with 10% commissions paid on all revenue generated by your referrals to Webtalk. Complete your profile to 100% then enroll in the affiliate program for FREE and start earning commissions on Pro Upgrades, Advertising, Webtalk Swag Shop, and Marketplace transaction fees!

Pro Upgrade

  • Earn $2-$4 per month, or $20-$40 per year, per PRO customer referral depending on the purchase.


Advertising(Coming Soon!)

  • Ads Consumed (free users): Earn $0.01 CPM (estimated-varies based on location)
  • Ads Purchased (business users): 10% of monthly ad budget


Webtalk Swag Shop (Coming Soon!)

  • Earn $1 per every item purchased storewide (excludes custom items like business cards)


Marketplace Transaction Fees (Coming Soon!)

  • Earn 1% per every transaction, includes all member-to-member products and services sold through Webtalk
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