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Webtalk offers ALL USERS a FREE Affiliate Cash Rewards Program called Webtalk Rewards.


Webtalk Rewards is a FREE Cash Rewards program, and that offers users the opportunity to earn 10% revenue share from all transactions and 'exchanges' occurring on Webtalk, by any of their direct referrals.


Webtalk through its affiliate revenue-sharing program pays you commissions, on any revenue created from transactions procured by all of your direct referrals.


Commissions are paid as a percentage of revenues generated from transactions for the following products/services:

  1. Webtalk PRO Upgrades
  2. Webtalk Ad Pool Rewards Credits
  3. Webtalk Marketplace Transactions (coming soon!)
  4. Webtalk Travel Transactions via Priceline (coming soon!)
  5. Webtalk Swag Shop Transactions (coming soon!)
  6. Webtalk Job Services (coming soon!)

Webtalk Rewards is the most powerful and lucrative affiliate program in the world, where being social PAYS BIG!





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No matter if you're a user, professional marketer, celebrity or influencer; Webtalk will help you generate a substantial amount of residual income by inviting new users to Webtalk! 

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