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Webtalk is awarding the first 1 million affiliates with a BONUS that pays 10% revenue share through 5-degrees of referral separation after 1 PRO customer is directly referred by the affiliate, which may include upgrading your own Webtalk account to PRO. (ie. The people invited by the people you invite through 5-degrees or levels of separation)

Limited-Time Bonus Qualifications

  1. Complete Your Profile:

    On your Webtalk profile you will find a “Completeness Meter” tool. Once the meter reaches 100% you are qualified to earn a 10% commission from the revenue generated by your direct referrals (1st Level) to Webtalk.

    Inside Webtalk, your referrals will be encouraged to upgrade their free accounts to a PRO premium account. When one (1) of your referrals upgrades to PRO or you upgrade your own account, you unlock your 2-5 referral levels for a limited-time bonus!

  2. Limited-Time Bonus:

    You can earn the bonus with your first PRO customer referral (no purchase required) -OR-

    You can earn the bonus if you upgrade you own Webtalk account to a PRO premium feature package

  3. Be in the First 1 Million:

    Only first 1 million affiliates to qualify will be awarded the 5-level commission plan for life, after a minimum of $200 in PRO sales have been made.

    This sales goal can include the cost of your own PRO upgrades.

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