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Webtalk is awarding the first ONE MILLION qualified users a BONUS LIFETIME AWARD that pays 10% revenue share through 5 levels of referrals (see Referral Rewards in 10 Easy Steps). 





Viewing your Estimated Earnings 

1. Click the Hamburger Icon mceclip2.png menu on the right corner of the page

2. Find and click on Cash Rewards Program from the menu options



3. Click the Dashboard tab to view your Earning Earnings

Your Estimated Earnings reflect your Total Lifetime Earnings with Webtalk's affiliate program. 

Track your Estimated Earnings for the previos day, week, or month. (Monthly figure accounts for recurring PRO upgrades)



**We are currently only paying revenue-share on PRO Upgrades and Ad Revenue, but will soon be releasing Marketplace, Travel, Swag Shop, and Job Services, as additional commission paying features.**

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