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Directly reach your Target Audience by sharing to their unique SocialCRM Channel.  

Use Newsfeed to search and view content, news and other network activity. 
Optimize your 
Newsfeed by media type and scroll only photos, videos or files.    

Talk Box allows you to select and post to a variety of SocialCRM channels that directly target your desired audience.You are able to post publicly, or you can select specific sub-segments of your contacts list (say you wanted to share a personal event or make a professional announcement to your business network). 
  • Public posts are shared publicly on the internet, to your followers, and all contacts.
  • All Contacts posts are only shared with the people you are connected with. 
  • Professional Network posts will be shared to the contacts you selected as Professional. 
  • Personal Network posts will be shared to the contacts you selected as Personal.
  • Custom Groups posts allows you to target specific sub-segments from your network based on SocialCRM categories and labels.
  • Only Me posts is a private channel for you to keep, share, or store content. Enjoy file storage by uploading files to the Only Me talk channel


    You can also select if you want to disable comments on a post.
    • When making a post, you can select to Allow Comments, from all your connections.
    • Select/deselect Allow Public Comments, to allow/prevent non-connections from posting comments.

      SocialCRM Channels Explained 

      Webtalk's SocialCRM helps you seamlessly reach your target audience when you share news/content/data.Whether you are managing teams, hiring talent, or offering products or services, you can manage relationships better on Webtalk with SocialCRM. 

      SocialCRM offers built-in channels, and let's you create custom channels and groups. Easily communicate with all the people you do, or could do business with. Keep all your contacts, conversations, side-conversations, notes, and information properly filed and stored, in one place.You can create group channels for social engagements or teams, or have private chat channels with business partners. 

      Webtalk helps you manage, service, and streamline communication with your personal and professional relationships in one dynamic environment.  SocialCRM was designed to enhance how you work and play.

      mceclip6.png          mceclip7.png
      ... and to optimize how you manage networks of thousands of people, from all walks of life.     

      Spotlight Posts:
      Spotlight posts allow you to prioritize your post in your intended audience's newsfeed. It will also send your audience a notification (PRO feature with limited quantity).mceclip11.png    

      Social Syndication:
      Easily syndicate and share your post to Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Slack with Webtalk's social syndication buttons.

      Manage all your social media and professional communication from one powerful dashboard. 

      Data/Content Distribution and Privacy with Webtalk:

      SocialCRM offers users inherent layers of privacy controls that are actually built into the architecture of the platformWith Talk Box and Newsfeed you can share content strictly with the network segments (SocialCRM categories, labels, tags) that you select! This ensures that only your target audience can see your posts. The benefit of this features is that it also prevents other contacts in your network from seeing posts that were not intended for them. Webtalk makes consolidating your contacts while segregating your data incredibly easy with SocialCRM!  
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