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What Are Points? 
Webtalk shares 50% of its ad revenue back with its users for using the platform! Every month we take 50% of our advertising revenue, and we offer it back to our users in the form of a "Pie".

The way that you get your "slice of pie" is by earning Engagement and Influencer points.

Points equate to free money just for using Webtalk and sharing great content.

Points redeem for pie slices: 1,000 points = 1 pie slice, at the end of every month, we divide the advertising revenue Pie between the number of outstanding pie slices, and that equals the amount of free (cash) ad rewards deposited into your Webtalk account! 




How To Earn Ad Pool Rewards

Points are awarded for everything you do on Webtalk, even simply logging in daily.

You earn both engagement and influencer points.

Engagement points are awarded for your activity, and influencer points are awarded for activity from others who engage with content you share to your newsfeed.


Matching Points:
You earn the same number of points that every person who signed up with your link earns. 

If you have unlocked the 5 bonus levels, you earn matching points on all 5 levels.




*Earn Referral Points*
You earn 100% matching points for all referrals to Webtalk.

When your referrals earn engagement and influencer points, so do you!

This means you can quickly build up your rewards by inviting top content creators.


Invite all your friends and share in the Ad Pool, even if you do not upgrade to PRO! 





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