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Use Newsfeed to search and view content, news and network activity. 

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 Optimize your Newsfeed by media type and scroll only photos, videos or files.


Filter and Search news and content by Network Type and SocialCRM Channel:

  • All Channels allows you to view posts from everyone including pages/people you follow. 
  • Favorites lets you view posts from your favorites.
  • Top Channels lets you view posts from your most active channels. 
  • All Contacts lets you view news/content only from people you are connected to. 
  • Professional Contacts lets you view news/content you professional connections
  • Personal Contact lets you view news/content from your personal connections. 
  • Custom Groups allows you to view from specific sub-groups in your SocialCRM Channels 
    (Client, Vendor, etc.)
  • Only Me allows you to view and store private files/posts/video/data. 
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