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Webtalk is creating a digital infrastructure to help users optimize the way they store and call data within/without their network(s). Search is a critical element is the procurement of this goal, and that is why we are giving you tools to optimize your search queries and results. At Webtalk we are dedicated to pairing the right People, Products, and Services together! 

Inside Webtalk you can do quick searches for any user by name, job title, industry and keywords found within their profiles. 


Basic Search allows you to search by Name, Job Title, Industry and more. You also have "Quick Search" saved in the search bar, for your most searched queries. 



Webtalk PRO Platinum allows Recruiters and Employers can now look for candidates that are actively Seeking Work




PRO Platinum also offers other advanced options including: Search by Age, Location, and Gender.


Soon you will be able to search for businesses and entertainers with the launch of PAGES and advanced search tools are available with PRO.


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