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SocialCRM is a digital rolodex engineered by Webtalk to help users have full control over their privacy, and content distribution. Now you can easily categorize each contact, and determine the level of access and visibility, you wish to grant them over your profile/network data.

Categorize new contacts as a personal OR professional relationship (or both)and easily segregate and consolidate your life on Webtalk! 

SocialCRM allows you to further distinguish the connection relationship with built in categories (channels) to streamline how you communicate with said contact. You can also add tags, and notes on the person for future reference.


SocialCRM was designed to enhance how you work and play.

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... and to optimize how you manage networks of thousands of people, from all walks of life. 



SocialCRM was engineered to consolidate all your contacts in one place, and to effortlessly segregate and target communication and content to its intended audience. For this reason, the way you store a contact in your SocialCRM will determine the level of visibility said contact will have over the information you share, and the channels you share it to.

**You can also update and edit SocialCRM settings on on any contact, at any time.

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