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2. When the Right Side Menu appears, click on the mceclip0.png icon to Edit your Universal Profile 



4. Left Side Menu will appear with the option to upload a Public Profile Picture, and a Personal Network Profile Picture 


NOTE*** Webtalk gives users the ability to have two profile pictures, one that is only visible to your Personal Contacts, and another one visible to a Public audience.



5.A Click Change Public Profile Picture to upload and edit your Public facing profile picture.

5.B Click Change Personal Network Profile Picture to upload and edit your Personal facing picture.


6. Drag and Drop an image into the field provided -OR- Click Browse Your Files to select an image



7. Easily Edit your pictures before completing uploadmceclip4.png.            mceclip5.png

8. Click Edit to make additional changes, click New to upload a different picture, click Done to complete upload. 



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