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Your Rewards Get Better with Referrals 


Invite your friends, family, followers and fans to Webtalk and Webtalk Rewards to earn even more!




  • Earn $5 - per Referral that enrolls in free rewards program* 
  • Earn 10% - Commissions on revenue generated by referrals
  • Earn 100% - Matching Points from referral ad/content views

Referral Rewards consist of Advertising Revenue-Share, Commissions on Subscriptions, and Commissions on Future Products and Services, available to all eligible Webtalk Rewards members in the world's first All-In-One Professional Social Network and E-Commerce Utility!*





The Earliest Adopters to Webtalk Rewards will have the greatest opportunity to capture a significant amount of "market share" of new users and new affiliate users.


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