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How It Works 

In today’s world, nearly everyone is using social media, but with Webtalk Rewards, you can finally get paid for your time, content, and referrals.



Earn Rewards

Simply login into your Webtalk account, or create a free account, then post content people love to grow your following and rewards.





There is only 3 steps to get started with Webtalk Rewards!

1. Complete Webtalk Account

Create a FREE Webtalk account today. Then complete your profile to 100% using the provided completeness meter.


2. Enroll and Sign Agreement

Enroll in free rewards program to instantly start earning from your daily activity on Webtalk, and to become a Webtalk Affiliate earning rewards from your referrals


3. Link a Payment Account 

Connect a PayPal, Payoneer, or Stripe account in your Rewards Back Office to start receiving rewards!











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