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Invite Contacts

Easily invite or import your contacts to Webtalk using the tools provided in Rewards Back Office! 




Invite Contacts via Email Import

Easily invite your email contacts to Webtalk by using the import email contacts tools in the Rewards Back Office!


1. Click the Hamburger Icon in the top right corner of the navigation pane



2. When the Right Side Menu appears, find and click on Rewards



3. Locate the Get Referrals button on the RBO menu options to use quick tools to upload email list. Select if you wish to link Gmail, Hotmail, or Yahoo email contacts and invite them to Webtalk.

You can also manually enter email addresses, and Webtalk will send the invitations for you! 





Invite Contacts by Sharing your Personalized Landing Page Link

Easily share your Personalized Landing Page with unique permissions to each user you invite, per the permissions settings store in your SocialCRM.


Make sure to always test your links! 




Invite Contacts by Sharing your Username/ID

The Username or ID, can be given to your referrals. When they Sign Up at www.Webtalk.co and are asked who invited them, they can use this ID to get inside. 


















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