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Social Media Marketing 

Easily invite your followers to Webtalk using the tools provided in Webtalk Rewards Back Office! 




Invite Contacts via Social Media Banners 


Your Social Media Banners are available as a way to easily invite new users to Webtalk!

When users click on the banners and Sign Up to Webtalk, they also become your referral! 


1. Click the Hamburger Icon in the top right corner of the navigation pane

2. When the Right Side Menu appears, find and click on Rewards



3. Locate the Get Referrals tab on the RBO menu options to use quick tools for sharing to your social media outlets. Click on the icons and find video and banner templates, dimensioned for each platform.



4. Select the platform you wish to share video and/or banner templates on. Easily invite all your friends and followers by downloading and sharing these templates on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest. 



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