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Webtalk values your time and content, and now you can earn Webtalk Rewards simply by doing your normal social activity, posting great content, and inviting all your friends and followers! 

Watch your earnings grow when more people view your content!


Bring all your followers to Webtalk and magnify those earnings exponentially



"Creating social content and getting followers takes time, making it profitable shouldn't."

-Webtalk CEO            


Webtalk Rewards is a very lucrative referral rewards platform that greatly incentivizes and rewards Webtalk users* for contentengagement, referring new users, and building a community of professionals that want to conduct business online! 


Rewards Back Office is a first of its kind, business dashboard for tracking and analyzing referral growth and revenue data. Now you can easily access and view data analytics on new user referrals, ad revenue-share growth, affiliate team productivity markers, and expected revenues and recurring commissions data. 


We know that once you start receiving referral rewards from Webtalk, you will want to see and analyze data from ALL your different revenue streams. As Webtalk continues to grow and mature, so will your earnings and revenue streams! To receive maximum referral rewards earning potential, you will want to join Webtalk TODAY! 





Earn from your Time and Content

We place top quality high paying ads on the content you consume and share in Webtalk, which awards you points for all ad views you help create. These points redeem for cash every month.

Get paid to read news, visit profiles, and simply manage your Webtalk account. Every page and post with ads pays you up to 10% of the ad revenue you helped generate.



Save Time and Money

When you share content on Webtalk you can also syndicate it to Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and more - all with no cost.

When your followers view that content, you earn! When your followers sign up to Webtalk through your links, they also become your referrals, for life!



Earn Ad Rewards

Simply login into your Webtalk account and post content people love. Grow your online following and watch your rewards grow daily!



Your Rewards Get Better with Referrals 



Invite your friends, family, followers and fans to Webtalk and Webtalk Rewards to earn even more!


  • Earn $5 - per Referral that enrolls in free rewards program* 
  • Earn 10% - Commissions on revenue generated by referrals
  • Earn 100% - Matching Points from referral ad/content views


Referral Rewards consist of Advertising Revenue-Share, Commissions on Subscriptions, and Commissions on Future Products and Services, available to all eligible Webtalk Rewards members in the world's first All-In-One Professional Social Network and E-Commerce Utility!*


The earliest adopters to Webtalk Rewards will have the greatest opportunity to capture the most significant portion or "market share" of new users and new affiliate users! 


Learn about our Bonus Earning Tiers (each tier offered for a limited time)

*Users need to be enrolled in Webtalk Rewards to be eligible to receive referral rewards. 

*Terms and Conditions apply

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