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Webtalk Rewards is a FREE rewards program that helps users monetize their social media use.

Easily leverage your daily content, network contacts and online relationships, to maximize your earning capacity!

Webtalk rewards you for the digital activities you're already doing online, through Webtalk Rewards!


Webtalk Rewards Back Office by Webtalk, is a software created to help rewards members and affiliate users track and manage their rewards, engagements and growth. 




Enrolling in Webtalk Rewards

1. Click the Hamburger Icon in the top right corner of the navigation pane, when the Right Side Menu appears, find and click on Rewards



2. Click on Get Started Now to enroll



3. Enrolling in Webtalk Rewards only requires 3 simple things:



1. Complete profile to 100%                         2. Read and Sign Agreement        3. Link Payment Account   

mceclip2.png       mceclip8.png        mceclip7.png

4. Once you have completed enrollment, you will see this notice, and $5 will be added to your Activity Rewards balance as a thank you from Webtalk for being a valuable Webtalk Rewards member!  









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